Asha GoldsteinWelcome. I am glad you are here. I appreciate the courage it takes to reach out for support. Whatever you are struggling with, please know you are not alone. There are many others who have struggled in this way, too. And there are countless stories of people who have transformed their suffering into a life with greater peace and ease.

  • Are you feeling stuck in the same old problems with family, friends, or romantic partners?
  • Do you feel caught in sadness, anger, fear, shame, or jealousy?
  • Are you disconnected from your body and your emotions?
  • Do you feel that parts of yourself are unlovable?
  • Have you lost connection with what makes you come alive?
  • Are you unable to move forward with an important project or endeavor in your life?
  • Do you feel prevented from living your full potential?
  • Have other therapies been unsuccessful in creating the changes you wanted?

Maybe you have spent years trying unsuccessfully to control your difficult emotions, to shed the parts of yourself you don’t like.

And this is understandable. It is human nature to strive to perfect ourselves, to better ourselves for our loved ones, and to try to create the life we dream of having.

But what if you don’t have to shed any part of yourself to be happy?

What if you are already whole and lovable just the way you are? What if what stands in the way of what you want is the very idea that there is some other way you should be?

woman in rain

My approach focuses on Radical Acceptance through Embracing Our Shadows.

Radical Acceptance is a way of living that creates more inner freedom and ease, more connected relationships, and more energy for accomplishing your goals.

It involves:
  • Understanding, accepting, and honoring all parts of yourself
  • Opening to the possibility that you are whole just as you are
  • Letting others see your vulnerability as well as your power
  • Being willing to trust your life just as it is
  • Expressing your creativity, passion, and power, even in rough form

Our shadows are the parts of ourselves we’ve disowned because we thought we would survive better without them. These can include both our most contracted and our most expansive qualities. Sometimes they are the qualities we most judge or fear in others but that we most need to experience more wholeness in ourselves. Other times they are qualities we yearn for and envy in others but have difficulty expressing in ourselves.

Examples of shadows include:
  • Emotions such as sadness, anger, or fear
  • The ability to set boundaries with others or to ask for what we need
  • Our self-expression, creativity, leadership, sensuality, or playfulness
  • Having either too much or too little responsibility
man on mountain
Embracing Our Shadows is about reconnecting with these parts of ourselves so that:
  • We free ourselves from internal power struggles between opposing parts of ourselves.
  • We can recognize and claim the good in all of our different qualities.
  • Our shadows don’t keep getting in the way of our goals, our relationships, and our happiness.
  • We reclaim our “golden” shadows—those qualities we crave but haven’t known how to access.

Are you ready to experience authentic and lasting change? Does the possibility of embodying more ease and wholeness inspire you?

My work can help you:
  • Develop skills for allowing difficult emotions to come and go without being overwhelmed by them
  • Learn how to be present with the natural pain of life in a way that keeps it from turning into suffering
  • Create a new paradigm in which who you are is lovable, good, and truly enough
  • Understand the different parts of yourself and the inner conflicts that keep you from having what you want in your life
  • Be able to honor all the different aspects of yourself for the important role they have played in your life
  • Reduce shame through self-understanding, self-honoring, and re-evaluating your self-expectations
  • Resolve inner conflicts so you have more energy to create what you want
  • Cultivate a balance of inner qualities so you will be more effective in your life, work, and relationships

If you are ready to invite greater authenticity, wholeness, peace, and aliveness into your life, I invite you to take the next step!


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