About You

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There are many challenges inherent to being human at this time in our world.

You may be fearful, sad, or angry about a lot of things. From this perspective, anxiety and depression can be logical responses. One of the questions that engages me as a counselor is how to live well in this world with all of its difficulties. There are many ways anxiety, depression, and other kinds of emotional distress can take over our lives and keep us from living the lives we want. Relationships of any kind can bring up all kinds of difficult dynamics around communication and conflict; attachment and trust; and freedom and security.

You may be dealing with anxiety; shame; depression; grief and loss; family or relationship conflict; trauma; or social anxiety.

I see people who are struggling with life transitions, decision-making, stress, loneliness, codependency, and addictions of all kinds. These labels can make it seem like these things happen to “those other people out there” when in fact we all experience many of these challenges in our own way at one time or another. I see my work as giving you resources and tools for being human rather than treating particular emotional disorders.

Another area you may be struggling with is stepping into your own strengths and passions.

It can be risky to let ourselves go for what gives us the most joy. In Shadow Work®, we call this your “golden shadow.” The idea is we often learn in our families or schools that we will get criticized or rejected for being too big, too happy, too expressive, or too passionate. I love helping you work through the steps to reclaim these aspects of yourself. It is profoundly rewarding to see people accessing their greatest aliveness.