About Me

About Me (Asha Goldstein)I am a psychotherapist, coach, and facilitator who supports people in moving toward greater wholeness, acceptance, and peace. I am dedicated to helping others experience deeply integrated transformation that works at the core to transform shame and shed stuck patterns. My work is grounded in the belief that the deep personal growth work I have done personally is what allows me to hold a powerful space for others’ transformation. In addition to a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Smith College, I am certified as a Shadow Work® Coach. I also have special training in mindfulness, dance/movement therapy, expressive arts therapy, and deep ecology.

I focus my work on mindfulness and Shadow Work® because they have been the most powerful modalities for my own healing. I am confident in their ability to create real and lasting change for others. These approaches are a wonderful combination because they both focus on creating a deep capacity for self-acceptance.

I have lived in Ashland since 2008 and love living close to family amidst the wild landscape of the mountains. In my free time, I am most likely to be hiking, dancing, practicing mindfulness, or sharing time with close friends and family.

What Do I Offer as a Therapist?

I have facilitated personal growth work since 2001 and have been in the mental health field since 2005. I am comfortable working with the full range of human experience and am especially interested in the potential each of us has to become more fully alive as we expand into whom we already are.

Many people are drawn to work with me because of my focus on Radical Acceptance and embracing our full human experience. This can feel freeing for people who have been trying hard to “fix” themselves for years. In embodying this perspective myself, I am able to offer a nonjudgmental perspective that helps people feel safe.

My presence and way of relating is warm, welcoming, and authentic. I strive to balance a sense of being professional with also being real, human, and accessible. I offer a depth of presence in which clients feel safe expressing strong emotions. I believe in empowering each person to take an active role in guiding their own process. I offer many tools to support people in integrating the work we do into their daily life.

I am deeply nourished by the exploration of the psyche and by creating more wholeness and aliveness in the world. My work comes from my greatest passions and strengths. It is rewarding to feel I am offering all of myself, at my full capacity, and that it is genuinely touching other people’s lives in a powerful way.

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Meet my co-therapist, Tara:

Tara in pasture crop


Tara is incredibly affectionate and loving, and I secretly suspect that many of my clients come just to receive her therapeutic presence. If you’re allergic to dogs, please let me know and we can discuss what options could make a difference for you.